As citizens of the world, it is in our nature to desire to create an impact — whether it be in the world, our scholastic endeavors or personal lives. But, with a world inhabited by millions, it can be discouraging to think about how to create a worldwide impact. 

Think about your personal world, what you can do to make an impact on those around you. Think about how you can change their “world.” As young professionals we often think very “big picture” and can get lost in the idea. Sometimes we need to take a step back and realize that even the smallest events can lead to the largest of impacts. 

As students, we can also make our impact through various involvements both on and off campus. Campus leadership positions can bring necessary and innovative improvements to different organizations. Even more important is realizing you don’t have to hold a specific position to curate long-lasting impact. When there is opportunity for change, there is opportunity for initiative-taking leaders. 

The quintessential aspect of creating impactful moments is one’s ability to share one’s knowledge. Especially as young professionals eager to take on the “real world,” it is our duty to share knowledge with the greater public. 

On a student level, this can be done through speaking with fellow peers about what it is you’re passionate about and finding a way to help others with your passions. For example, I am quite interested in personal branding and have utilized this passion to enlighten fellow peers and various companies. 

In our collegiate careers it is crucial we seek mentorship opportunities to enhance personal and professional endeavors, as well as equally look to mentor those younger than us. We have the responsibility to shape those of younger age through passing along our insight to them. It is wise to not take this responsibility lightly. 

To make your impact, initiative is a vital part of entering a professional industry. Doors do not always open for you; you have to open them yourself. It is up to you to create opportunities and share your knowledge with those around you. 

Taking this initiative has been the most common and valuable piece of advice I have received from numerous successful professionals in the industry I plan to pursue. Most professional industries are quite individualistic, so we must place emphasis on how we will impactfully create our statement in our personal and professional communities. 

Life, whether objectively or figuratively, means more  — it ventures beyond academic halls and office building walls. This is where making an impact is most important. Stripping down from our day-to-day roles and responsibilities, we are human and this nature of just “being” is inevitably lost in the hustle. 

It is crucial we take the time to check our mental stability and that of others. Think about how you will make an impact on your friends, family members, people you just pass by. In this whirlwind journey we partake in, take a moment to breathe. 

So, how will you make your impact? 


Katrina Waelchli is a senior sports and entertainment public relations major and general business minor. She is a communications devotee, social engager and student, heavily involved on campus through the communications college, business college, student union and more. Katrina spent her recent summer interning at a global marketing agency in New York City. This Michigan native is fashion-enthused and spends her free time fashion blogging on “Sincerely Katrina.”

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