Brother Experience


The brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi, the Alpha Rho Chapter at the University of Alabama, enjoy access to a number of exclusive benefits. These include opportunities for professional development, social events, an expansive network, and travel. Below a breakdown of these opportunities can be found.


As a professional business fraternity, Brothers of Alpha Rho experience a large focus on professional development opportunities. These may include workshops, seminars, and guest speaker events that focus on topics such as career exploration, resume building, interview skills, networking strategies, leadership development, and professional etiquette. The chapter also facilitates connections with alumni and industry professionals through networking events, mentorship programs, and internship/job opportunities.


The Alpha Rho Chapter strikes a vital balance between professional development and social interaction, providing numerous benefits to its members. Throughout the semester, the chapter organizes a variety of social and brotherhood events at venues across the City of Tuscaloosa. These events offer opportunities for brothers to connect, bond, and foster lifelong friendships, creating a supportive and inclusive community. Building strong brotherhood connections through social interactions can enhance personal and professional relationships, create lasting memories, and promote a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the chapter. It provides a platform for brothers to develop social skills, build networks, and create a strong support system, which can be invaluable in their personal and professional lives beyond their time in the fraternity.


Brothers of the Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi at the University of Alabama benefit from an expansive network that spans across the fraternity’s alumni, active members, corporate sponsors, and industry professionals. This network provides opportunities for mentorship, career guidance, and professional connections. Through networking events, and alumni engagement, brothers can expand their professional contacts, gain insights from experienced professionals, and potentially access internships, job opportunities, and industry connections. The extensive network of Alpha Rho offers valuable resources and support for members as they navigate their academic and professional journeys, helping them build meaningful relationships and advance their career aspirations.


The Alpha Rho chapter offers opportunities for brothers to travel and bond through Retreats held each semester at scenic locations in the Southeastern United States, such as beaches along the Gulf of Mexico like Orange Beach and Panama City Beach for the Fall Retreat, and vibrant cities like New Orleans, Louisiana for the Spring Retreat. Additionally, brothers can also attend national conferences like AKPsi Elevate and AKPsi Convention held in cities like Chicago and Miami respectively. These experiences foster camaraderie, create lasting memories, and contribute to personal and professional growth within the fraternity.