Traveling is defined as making a journey of some length for a period of time. For me, traveling became so much more when I ventured abroad for the first time.

My first experience traveling abroad was to the country of Honduras. When I arrived in the country, I was mesmerized by its beauty; the crystal clear water, coupled with the prettiest plants and scenery I had ever seen, blew me away. I walked through the music-filled streets, inhabited by people radiating happiness and positivity. It was so different from anywhere I had ever been, and I loved every minute of it. 

My excitement was still in full force when I got on the bus that would take us to the day’s location. Although, excitement soon turned into sadness as I witnessed first-hand what a developing country looks like through the bus windows. Houses were made of sticks and mud, schools didn’t have walls, and people walked without shoes. In that moment, something sparked inside of me. 

As quickly as excitement turned to sadness, sadness turned to desire — desire to help and do more. Traveling abroad for the first time gave me the inspiration to take advantage of my privileges, such as a college education. With this education, I will be able to travel to developing countries to give children and adults the hygiene which is not available to them.

The Future 
Currently, I’m a freshman at The University of Alabama, majoring in biology, minoring in psychology, and on the pre-dental track. My goal for the future is to earn my DMD in dental medicine and serve those in need around the world in developing countries. Traveling is so much fun and can also open your eyes to inspire you to make a difference. If you get the chance to travel, DO IT!! 


Kelsey Tubbs is a freshman biology major and psychology minor. She has a desire to learn, travel, and experience new things in both the world of science and the world of business. Kelsey spent her recent summers traveling with friends, as well as volunteering at DCH Regional Medical Center in the emergency and cardiac departments. As much as she loves to travel and experience new places, Tuscaloosa is her hometown and she will always scream Roll Tide from wherever life takes her. ​


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