As my time on the executive committee draws to a close, I have begun to reflect on my experience as Vice President of Membership. There are several things that I am proud of and many mistakes were made, but I have learned so much and gained new friendships and perspectives along the way. Since the new EC will take over within the next few months, I wanted to share some of the insights I’ve learned and give some (maybe unwanted) advice.

Give it your best.
Sometimes it can be easy to become apathetic and begin to lose the fire you started with. I know that when I first began planning all of the Membership initiatives  it was very exciting and I had so many big ideas. As I went through school, got bogged down with schoolwork, interviews, and just trying to get some sleep I began to lose the fire that I once had. When that begins to happen, the best advice I can give is to just take a moment and reflect on your time on EC thus far and remember why you wanted to be on it in the first place. This experience is so special; don’t forget that. Give it your best all the time. It’ll be all worth it in the end and you will have much better memories of your time with your fellow EC members.

Roll with the punches.
In any executive position, there will be disagreements with some of the decisions you make. Don’t let that get you down. No matter how many people show up to the event or what they say about it, you are doing an awesome job! Don’t forget that. Being on EC is not an easy task and you are killing it.

Don’t lose the relationships you made.
These people will be your network for the future. Everyone on EC and in Alpha Rho will be vital to your success as a professional. This organization is full of immensely  successful people so use these relationships you have made to further yourself and others. Reach out to alumni now as an undergraduate and once you become an alumnus, reach back out to your Alpha Rho brothers! These relationships can last a lifetime if you want them to– make them  count.

Now that I’m done with my unsolicited advice, remember to just make the most of your time on EC or in this organization. It truly is such an incredible opportunity to be a part of this brotherhood, so don’t forget that. As I end my time as your VP of Membership, I also just wanted to say thank you to all of you. It has been such a pleasure to serve this chapter and I hope that you have all had a great year! To the seniors – I wish you the best in all of your endeavors. I know that you are all going to do great things! To everyone else – keep killing the game. College is not easy, but I know that you are all a resilient group of individuals and you can do anything to set your mind to!


AnnaLaura Campbell is a senior accounting major and religious studies minor from Bailey, Mississippi, and served as the 2018 Vice President of Membership for the Alpha Rho chapter. She loves traveling, food, and Netflix. AnnaLaura is briefly studying abroad in Ghent, Belgium, and Prague and is loving her time in Europe. When she returns to the States, she will be interning at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi in the internal audit department. AnnaLaura loves the big city life, but thrives as a Bama girl in Tuscaloosa!


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