Sometimes, your most miserable year can be the most conducive to finding out who you are and where your passions lie. As some people may know, I did not attend The University of Alabama originally but transferred here my sophomore year. My freshman year at my initial college was, in short, quite miserable. In high school I was constantly busy with theatre, dance, clubs, and more, but that was not the case at my first college, since there was not much for me to get involved in. All I really did was go to class, get food, and go back to my dorm. It felt like I was in a never-ending, mundane cycle.

However disappointing that year was, it was crucial for me in becoming the person that I am now. That year I found solace in movies. I had always loved movies, but that year was when I truly realized how passionate I am about them and that industry. I probably watched more movies in that one year than I had watched in the previous five. I truly fell in love with the art of storytelling.

This love of storytelling also came from my background of theatre, which I began at age 5. I always loved performing but didn’t understand just how much until I landed a lead role my junior year of high school. However, so many doors were shut in my face freshman year of college that I pretty much gave up on performing. Transferring here though, I realized that I did not have to give up on performing but could instead approach it from a completely different angle. Show business is called show BUSINESS for a reason. There is a key business element to everything that goes into the movie and theatre industries.

I decided to major in finance with a specialization in economics because I wanted a fairly general business major that I could carry on into my career aspirations. My minor is theatre, and I hope to get my master’s in Arts Administration or my MBA in Entertainment, Media, and Technology once I graduate from UA. Even though a business career in the entertainment industry is still very difficult to land, I could not see myself working in any other industry.

I’m currently keeping my creative passions alive through the Black Warrior Film Festival where I am Co-Director of Business, through pledging the theatre honor society Alpha Psi Omega, and through my theatre minor which allows me to take classes in all aspects of theatre. I also created a blog where I review movies that are in theaters. My favorite season truly is “Awards Season.” 

I’ll never forget a Students Teaching Students event last year when Brother Katrina Waelchli talked about starting a blog for something you are passionate about. This idea stuck with me, especially this summer when I made an AMC A-List account since I didn’t have a full-time internship and would be back home for the summer. Since I would be going to the movies so often, I decided to start reviewing them.  

When I go to see a film, I don’t like to go in with a critical eye because, while I definitely trust Rotten Tomatoes (for the most part), I’ve never been the biggest fan of movie critics. Instead, I watch from a film lover’s perspective and evaluate the movie based on qualities like the cinematography, the effort the actors put in, the director’s choices, and what it took for them to make that scene happen. While I don’t know every aspect and all the technical terms of what goes into making a film, I hope to learn more in the future and throughout my career. I was even an extra in a movie this summer that filmed in my hometown which opened my eyes to the many opportunities in this industry. 

What I have learned is that no matter how much you plan for something, plans change. I never planned to attend The University of Alabama for college but am so thankful that opportunity to transfer came my way. UA is the perfect place to explore your creative passions and I am so grateful for all that I’ve been able to be a part of that enhance my passions and make me recognize that a career in the entertainment industry is possible. And if you want to keep up with my journey, go follow @savsuefilmreviews.


Savannah Hall is a junior from Mobile, AL studying finance with a specialization in economics and a minor in theatre. She joined Alpha Kappa Psi in Fall 2018 and currently serves on the Recruitment committee. Savannah also serves in the Student Alumni Association as Treasurer, Black Warrior Film Festival as Co-Director of Business, the Business Honors Program, and is currently pledging the theatre honor society, Alpha Psi Omega. She values family and friends the most, especially her siblings because she is a triplet. When Savannah’s not in Bidgood Hall, Rowand Johnson Hall, or Gorgas Library you can probably find her at the movies. Along with movies she loves all things Disney, musicals, and NYC.


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